K-12 Expertise

Specialized Chromebook Care and Repair

From planning and funding to reliable maintenance, SMG Computing provides quality IT solutions for K-12 institutions

With the rise of digital teaching aids and techniques, classrooms use more than just blackboards as teaching tools nowadays. Schools need to manage all these education-technology innovations, which add a layer of complexity and cost to school administration. This is why a dedicated IT expert can make all the difference to ensuring the school gets the most out of their technology.

SMG Computing has years of experience providing specialized IT services, consulting, and products to public and private schools of all sizes. We focus on the key aspects of education IT that matter most:

Schools are working on an increasingly tight budget, so every purchase decision has consequences. SMG Computing is a certified E-Rate provider and we have implemented E-Rate plans on behalf of many of our clients. SMG Computing’s grant writing department can help our clients secure funding for projects that do not fall under the remit of E-Rate. We will ease the financial burden of IT investments while delivering a high-quality technology as well.

If your school’s IT is down for just a few hours, your lesson plans can be a disappointment. SMG Computing believes that proactive monitoring and preventive measures can dramatically reduce any downtime to your IT system. We take the necessary steps to ensure your IT is monitored and performing well and your lesson plans always succeed.

The US Department of Education has set standards for what it considers to be an effective technology plan for schools. However, we find that many of our clients do not have technology strategies that meet these parameters, while some others do not have technology plans at all. SMG Computing will help you create a technology plan that meets these standards and gives you the flexibility to handle future advancements in technology as well.

Your student’s safety is very important to us, which is why we have very stringent policies for our employees. SMG Computing engineers are drug tested and we also do background checks before hiring them. Our recommendations for internet access in schools follow the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.