Cloud Services

SMG Computing will design, build, and implement a cloud solution that is tailored to our client’s needs

Cloud applications help you increase operational agility, lower total costs of hardware ownership, streamline systems, and much more. But to truly harness the power of cloud computing, you need an experienced cloud provider to implement and manage your ideal cloud solution, and for Wisconsin SMBs, that is SMG Computing.

Our Cloud Services help you reduce costs by eliminating upfront hardware and software expenditures as well as keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Our engineers will set up hassle-free cloud solutions that are tailored to your needs to enable your workforce to work remotely, and thus, increase productivity while maintaining a high level of collaboration on your projects.

Cloud Services from SMG Computing allow you to enjoy:

  • More space – bulky servers will not take up precious floor space
  • Enterprise-level hardware – your data and network security will improve dramatically
  • Increased flexibility – now you can work and collaborate from anywhere
  • Scalability – cloud solutions can scale up or down quickly to meet demand and you only pay for what you need