Network Administration

SMG Computing designs, deploys, and maintains networks for your organization

Data networks are a crucial part of today’s office infrastructure and, without proper oversight, your productivity will suffer greatly. Selecting the correct network type (Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, or SD-WAN), ensuring network security, and maintaining the right amount of bandwidth are just some of the critical tasks that effective network administrators need to handle.

SMG Computing provides comprehensive network administration for your organization so you don’t have to spend your time and other resources on it. We will design, set up, and manage your network so that they meet your needs and fit your budget. With SMG Computing’s assistance, your organization’s network will be secure, well-connected, and easily accommodate all your data needs.

With SMG Computing as your network administrator, you’ll get

  • Comprehensive assessments of your needs, goals, and space for the most effective, future-proof solution
  • Swift installation so you can quickly leverage your optimized network
  • Real-time monitoring for maximum reliability
  • Network scalability that is cost-effective
  • Peace of mind knowing that experts are taking care of your networks